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First Film

There’s no judging, no competition, no scary stuff, just a sharing of your first film which we’re defining as the first film you’ve entered into a film festival – this one! It doesn’t matter if other members of your team have entered film festivals before as long as you haven’t and you are the one putting it forward.

It doesn’t matter if you have made films before as long as you haven’t put any into a festival before, won an award for them or had something officially released/broadcast before.

We’ve tastefully called this segment ‘First Films are Sh*t, Show Them Anyway’. Once that hurdle is out of the way we can all keep making better and better films. We ran this in 2019 and you know what, the films were great! We will be running another of these in 2022 as we feel they are best done in person.

Macbeth Feature Film Trailer